Read about a few of the milestones in the history of Sunrise, and you’ll see the major role that Sunrise has had in shaping the deregulated Swiss telecommunications market.


  • Olaf Swantee appointed new CEO of Sunrise


  • Sunrise Communications Group AG was listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange on February 6, 2015
  • Sunrise signs a cooperation agreement for the roll-out of several hundred 4G antenna in Switzerland
  • Sunrise introduces the new Sunrise Internet Box and is setting new standards in the Swiss market
  • Sunrise enters into a strategic partnership with Microsoft and launches “Microsoft OneDrive for Business”
  • Sunrise launches Sunrise Smart TV


  • Sunrise wins Tamedia as business customer
  • Customer service key performance data published
  • Sunrise is breaking new ground in mobile communications with Sunrise Freedom
  • Roaming rates reduced by 39 percent
  • Sunrise Home: the new flexible offer for landline, internet and TV


  • Libor Voncina appointed new CEO of Sunrise Communications AG
  • Sunrise welcomes its 50,000th Sunrise TV customer
  • 4G/LTE: mobile high-speed Internet for all Sunrise customers
  • Sunrise Communications AG acquires Lebara GmbH and Ortel Mobile
  • Sunrise improves its customer service
  • MTV mobile now available for customers up to age 30
  • Sunrise expands its business in fiber-optic technology services
  • 2013 connect network test shows Sunrise is the rising star of the year


  • Sunrise welcomes its 100,000th MTV mobile customer
  • A new generation of television: Sunrise TV stirs up the market
  • Entire network infrastructure modernized with new technology partner
  • Sunrise and syndicom establish industrial relations by sealing collective agreement
  • sunrise24.ch, Switzerland's cheapest postpaid flat-rate offer, launched with first low-price guarantee
  • Sunrise launches the LTE high-speed network


  • Sunrise launches exclusive offer of Samsung Galaxy Nexus starting at CHF 1
  • Sunrise and NextiraOne seal deal to purchase NextiraOne Switzerland
  • Sunrise Communications AG and Telefónica enter into sweeping partnership agreement
  • Sunrise counts more than 250,000 unbundled lines
  • Sunrise launches the new Business Sunrise sub-brand for business customers


  • Dr. Dominik Koechlin becomes new Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • CVC CAPITAL PARTNERS purchases Sunrise from TDC for CHF 3.3 billion
  • Sunrise and 20 Minuten newspaper launch mobile offer
  • Sunrise and MTV launch offer for young target market
  • Sunrise and Finecom enter into MVNO partnership
  • The unbundling of Swiss households continues: Sunrise counts its 200,000th ULL customer
  • Oliver Steil is the new CEO of Sunrise
  • Competition Commission forbids merger between Sunrise and Orange
  • France Telecom and TDC plan to merge Sunrise and Orange Switzerland
  • Sunrise launches first complete household flat rate in Switzerland
  • Sunrise achieves turnaround in 2009 fiscal year and passes the CHF 2 billion sales threshold
  • Sunrise opens its 80th Shop in Zurich-Wiedikon


  • Sunrise sells former Tele2 mobile network sites to In&Phone
  • France Telecom and TDC agree to merge Orange Switzerland and Sunrise, creating the leading challenger in the Swiss telecommunications market
  • Sunrise launches Red Bull MOBILE in Switzerland
  • Sunrise operates the first purely optical image network for SRG SSR idée suisse
  • Sunrise opens 18 shops and creates 100 new jobs
  • Sunrise gains 584,000 new customers and invests CHF 205 million
  • Sunrise launches mobile subscriptions with flat rates and the first mobile subscriptions in Switzerland without a mobile phone subsidy
  • Sunrise launches the first prepaid flat rate on the Swiss market


  • Sunrise acquires Tele2, the third-largest landline network provider in Switzerland
  • Sunrise launches the first Last Mile unbundled offers
  • Sunrise increases the number of direct Sunrise points of sale (Sunrise centers) from 40 to 55
  • Sunrise sells SBC and outsources network construction and maintenance to Alcatel-Lucent


  • Sunrise launches T@KE AWAY. The affordably priced mobile broadband offer becomes a trendsetter and is copied by competitors
  • Sunrise gets a new corporate design and simplifies its range of offers. The company uses the name Sunrise Communications AG again
  • Deregulation of “Last Mile”: For the first time, Telecommunications Services Act allows private telecommunications companies to offer “unbundled” products and services for domestic lines. Sunrise begins installing the necessary technical infrastructure throughout Switzerland


  • Christoph Brand becomes CEO of TDC Switzerland AG
  • Sunrise and Tele2 draw up a national roaming agreement
  • Jesper Theill Eriksen becomes CEO of TDC Switzerland AG


  • Sunrise and Cablecom agree on a strategic partnership in mobile telecommunications
  • Sunrise launches mobile broadband services
  • Sunrise acquires Ascom Business Communication Schweiz, which then becomes Sunrise Business Communication (SBC)
  • TDC Switzerland launches the yallo brand as its first “no frills” offer for low-cost mobile telecommunications and SMS


  • Hans Peter Baumgartner becomes CEO of TDC Switzerland AG
  • Total revenue of TDC Switzerland AG exceeds CHF 2 billion for the first time


  • Sunrise launches its multimedia messaging service (MMS)


  • Sunrise introduces broadband offers with ADSL technology to the market
  • diAx merges with Sunrise. The company is called TDC Switzerland AG; the new joint brand is Sunrise


  • Kim Frimer becomes CEO of Sunrise Communications AG
  • dSpeed, diAx’s sister company, purchases a UMTS license at the lowest bid of CHF 50 million
  • Tele Danmark acquires a majority holding in Newtelco and diAx. The two companies merge into Sunrise Communications AG


  • Sunrise becomes the first Swiss provider of Internet and voice services at the local rate. diAx launches GSM mobile communications


  • British Telecom and Tele Danmark become partners and investors at Newtelco and launch the Sunrise brand


  • Switzerland’s six largest electricity companies, Atel, BKW, CKW, EGL, EOS, and NOK, found diAx
  • SBB, UBS and Migros found Newtelco AG