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19 Jun 2017 Sunrise acts again to secure the best mobile network for its customers
14 Jun 2017 What Pöyry offers its clients, it gets from Sunrise in telecommunications: reliable guidance and smart solutions
06 Jun 2017 BLUnet: Strong partners for crisis-proof communication
02 Jun 2017 Sunrise One: Unlimited, always at maximum speed and now with a free iPad (latest version)
02 Jun 2017 Sunrise announces Robert Wigger as new Chief Business Officer
24 May 2017 Sunrise customers enjoy the fastest mobile surfing speeds
24 May 2017 Sunrise enters into a strategic partnership with a Consortium led by Cellnex, strengthening the network
22 May 2017 Sunrise makes everyday life in a digital world even easier
11 May 2017 Q1 with growth in EBITDA and in customer base
11 Apr 2017 Sunrise General Meeting: All petitions put forth by the Board of Directors endorsed; dividend of CHF 3.33 per share approved
10 Apr 2017 The best choice in Zurich: Sunrise boosts its commitment to the EWZ fiber optic cable network
07 Apr 2017 Sunrise a multiple winner at the "Best of Swiss Web Awards 2017"
30 Mar 2017 The best Samsung deserves the best mobile network
15 Mar 2017 Sunrise mobile network confirmed as world-class
02 Mar 2017 Continued customer growth and 11% dividend increase
24 Feb 2017 Sunrise turns Switzerland unlimited for the digital age
20 Feb 2017 Sunrise using 100% renewable Swiss hydropower
16 Feb 2017 Sunrise has the fastest mobile network, according to Speedtest by Ookla
03 Feb 2017 Timm Degenhardt to leave Sunrise
30 Jan 2017 Sunrise congratulates Roger Federer: Simply OUTSTANDING
30 Jan 2017 Sunrise further expands Sunrise Pay service
12 Jan 2017 FreeMove enters partnership with Sunrise Communications AG
10 Jan 2017 External audit confirms ISO 27001 certification for Sunrise Information Security Management System (ISMS)

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